Instant Impression of European Cars (Video)

If you’re interested in checking out some European cars in Europe, watch this video that we found! It provides some cool context on what European car manufacturers produce globally. If you can’t hear the video, we’ve included the transcript of the...

What are PPI’s and Why Do I Want One?

The time has come to purchase a new-to-you vehicle. Maybe it is your dream Porsche, or your daily drive. Either way, you want to be sure that you make a smart buying decision. We can help you with that decision. Having a Pre-Purchase Inspection performed before you...

Ummm Houston, We Have a Problem….(CEL Light)

You are driving down the road, all is well with the world and suddenly your check engine light (CEL) comes on. Fear and anger rise up along with a few choice words. You start to wonder, how much is this going to cost? Am I in danger of ruining the car if I keep...

So Maintenance Is a Thing

Turns out with a little proactive work, cars will be less problematic. Disaster and costly repairs can be avoided by regular inspections and maintenance. Beyond the basic oil change service is the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. These are great...

Mini: Fun, Reliable Transportation!

Reintroduced to America in 2002, Mini has been providing fun, reliable transportation. Let’s say you are motoring about in your Mini when something goes awry. Maybe it’s a Check Engine Light (CEL) or a brake warning. Regardless of the situation or the type...

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